More on the new GFAHFH ReStore

Greater Fairfield Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore has a new location, after purchasing the old 1-Stop Rental property on the west side of Fairfield. Construction on an addition began in April, and for several weeks in August volunteers and staff came together to complete the task of moving the store to the new location.  According to Monty Congdon, the ReStore manager, “Our old location, while having ample space, was simply not designed or properly located for a retail establishment. There is much higher visibility with the new location and the new building is designed to better fit the needs of a retail space. So many new people are becoming aware of us now because of our new location and store sign. Customers love the more open space, the natural lighting from the skylights, the better organized sections, and more customer parking.”



Habitat ReStores are donation based discount home improvement stores. But what sets them apart from other thrift stores is that they are directly connected to their local Habitat chapters, in this case, our Greater Fairfield Area Habitat for Humanity. All profits from sales, after operating expenses go directly to our affiliate to support its charity mission of building homes for local people and families in need of affordable, safe housing.

Monty Congdon has been the ReStore manager since February, 2016. A native of Fairfield, Monty has lived in Des Moines, as well as Iowa City, where he attended the University of Iowa. Monty finished his college studies at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, earning a BA in Business Management. He is also a United States Army Veteran, serving 8 years as an MP (military police). Monty’s goal for the ReStore is to meet and exceed sales goals so that more revenue can flow into Fairfield Habitat’s mission of building homes for families in the local community, and to find new ways to market and create awareness of the ReStore’s and Habitat’s mission.

Monty Congdon, Habitat for Humanity ReStore manager

Monty Congdon, Habitat for Humanity ReStore manager